Northline Freight Cover Claims Portal


In order for your claim to be processed quickly, we require the following documents:

  1. Copy of Consignment Note or Proof of Delivery;
  2. Northline Query number – available from Northline Customer Service;
  3. Copy of the original tax invoice sent with the freight (from seller to buyer);
  4. Quote for repair/replacement;
  5. Photos of the damaged item(s)

Not providing the abovementioned documents will cause unnecessary delays in your claim being processed.

Important: All claims are to be lodged within 30 days of the consignment date.


Where an ABN has been provided and the ITC% has been confirmed, claims will be settled excluding GST.

In accordance with GST claims settlements, the ITC Entitlement will need to be claimed back by your company in your next Business Activity Statement.


Claims are processed and approved on a monthly basis. Once a claim has been approved you will receive a settlement email confirming the total amount of the payment to be received.

Payment will be forwarded to you directly by Northline as outlined in the settlement email.

Please be advised payment will not be released by Northline unless the consignment note has been paid.

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